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Conservation Status

  • USESA - United States Endangered Species Act
  • SGCN - Species of Greatest Conservation need from the Idaho Comprehensive Wildlife Conservation Strategy (CWCS)
  • BLM Type - Bureau of Land Management Sensitive Species Type
  • USFS Region1 - US Forest Service Region 1 Sensitive Species
  • USFS Region4 - US Forest Service Region 4 Sensitive Species
  • IDAPA Classification - Classification of wildlife defined in Idaho Legal Code
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Scientific Name Common Name Taxa USESA SGCN BLM Type USFS Region1 USFS Region4sort ascending Idaho Classification
view Andromeda polifolia Bog-rosemary Species No 0 Sensitive
view Distichlis spicata Seashore Saltgrass Species No 0
view Mustela vison Mink Species No 0 game, furbearing
view Brickellia microphylla var. scabra Littleleaf Brickell-bush Subspecies No 0
view Arabis lyallii var. nubigena Subspecies No 0
view Catocala semirelicta Semirelict Underwing Species No 0
view Phacelia rattanii Rattan's Scorpionweed Species No 0
view Saxifraga bryophora Bud Saxifrage Species No 0
view Thelypodium sagittatum ssp. sagittatum Slender Thelypody Subspecies No 0
view Potentilla brevifolia Short-leaf Cinquefoil Species No 0
view Ribes montigenum Alpine Prickly Gooseberry Species No 0
view Cymopterus purpurascens Purple Cymopterus Species No 0
view Myosotis asiatica Asian Forget-me-not Species No 0
view Platanthera orbiculata Round-leaved Rein-orchid Species No 0
view Senecio megacephalus Nuttall's Ragwort Species No 0
view Epilobium latifolium River Beauty Species No 0
view Oreohelix idahoensis baileyi A Land Snail (Hells Canyon) Subspecies No 0
view Prunella montanella Siberian Accentor Species No 0
view Chrysothamnus viscidiflorus ssp. puberulus Sticky-leaf Rabbitbrush Subspecies No 0
view Claytonia rubra ssp. depressa Subspecies No 0
view Catocala junctura Joined Underwing Species No 0
view Selasphorus platycercus Broad-tailed Hummingbird Species No 0 nongame
view Zonotrichia querula Harris' Sparrow Species No 0 nongame
view Heteranthera dubia Grassleaf Mud-plantain Species No 0
view Melampyrum lineare American Cow-wheat Species No 0
view Polypodium hesperium Western Polypody Species No 0
view Eriogonum pauciflorum Small-flower Wild Buckwheat Species No 0
view Draba crassifolia var. crassifolia Subspecies No 0
view Colias eurytheme Orange Sulphur Species No 0
view Polygonum amphibium var. emersum Water Smartweed Subspecies No 0
view Passerella iliaca Fox Sparrow Species No 0 nongame
view Scutellaria nana var. nana Dwarf Skullcap Subspecies No 0
view Drosera anglica English Sundew Species No 0
view Stipa lemmonii var. lemmonii Lemmon's Needlegrass Subspecies No 0
view Carex paysonis Payson's Sedge Species No 0
view Poecile hudsonica Boreal Chickadee Species No 0 nongame
view Erigeron acris ssp. politus Northern Daisy Subspecies No 0
view Melampyrum lineare var. lineare American Cow-wheat Subspecies No 0
view Eriophyllum lanatum var. lanatum Common Woolly-sunflower Subspecies No 0
view Carex jonesii Jones' Sedge Species No 0
view Cheilanthes gracillima Lace Lipfern Species No 0
view Potentilla multisecta Diverse-leaved Cinquefoil Species No 0
view Antennaria media Stony Mountain Pussytoes Species No 0
view Boltonia asteroides var. recognita White Doll's-daisy Subspecies No 0
view Ranunculus acris var. acris Tall Buttercup Subspecies No 0
view Lestes unguiculatus Lyre-tipped Spreadwing Species No 0
view Cuscuta cephalanthi Button-bush Dodder Species No 0
view Juncus tenuis var. tenuis Slender Rush Subspecies No 0
view Physocarpus capitatus Pacific Ninebark Species No 0
view Lomatogonium rotatum Marsh Felwort Species No 3
view Symphyotrichum foliaceum var. parryi Leafy-bracted Aster Subspecies No 0
view Andreaea heinemannii Heinemann's Andreaea Moss Species No 0
view Tripleurospermum perforata Scentless False Mayweed Species No 0
view Surnia ulula Northern Hawk-owl Species No 0 nongame
view Hieracium gracile Alpine Hawkweed Species No 0
view Verbascum virgatum Wand Mullein Species No 0
view Eriogonum angulosum Angle-stem Wild Buckwheat Species No 0
view Arceuthobium douglasii Douglas-fir Dwarf-mistletoe Species No 0
view Amaranthus powellii Green Amaranth Species No 0
view Barbarea orthoceras American Winter-cress Species No 0
view Cirsium hookerianum Hooker's Thistle Species No 0
view Verbascum thapsus Common Mullein Species No 0
view Bromus japonicus Japanese Brome Species No 0
view Elymus x saundersii Species No 0
view Penstemon rydbergii var. oreocharis Rydberg's Beardtongue Subspecies No 0
view Sonchus arvensis ssp. uliginosus Field Sowthistle Subspecies No 0
view Pogogyne floribunda Profuseflower Mesamint Species No 0
view Cirsium brevistylum Short-style Thistle Species No 0
view Gomphus externus Plains Clubtail Species No 0
view Aegopodium podagraria Bishop's Goutweed Species No 0
view Aeshna umbrosa occidentalis Shadow Darner Subspecies No 0
view Melanitta perspicillata Surf Scoter Species No 0 game, game bird migratory
view Elodea canadensis Broad Waterweed Species No 0
view Ageratina herbacea Fragrant Thorough-wort Species No 0
view Vitis vinifera European Grape Species No 0
view Pristiloma wascoense Shiny Tightcoil Species Yes 0
view Polygonum douglasii ssp. engelmannii Engelmann's Knotweed Subspecies No 0
view Melanoplus sp. 57 Species No 0
view Lycaena heteronea Blue Copper Species No 0
view Junco hyemalis Dark-eyed Junco Species No 0 nongame
view Melanoplus payettei A Spur-throat Grasshopper Species Yes 0
view Elymus x hansenii Species No 0
view Festuca brachyphylla ssp. brachyphylla Shortleaf Fescue Subspecies No 0
view Carex preslii Presl's Sedge Species No 0
view Juncus effusus Soft Rush Species No 0
view Neotamias ruficaudus Red-tailed Chipmunk Species Yes 0 nongame
view Lupinus sericeus var. egglestonianus Silky Lupine Subspecies No 0
view Solidago spathulata Sticky Goldenrod Species No 0
view Potentilla concinna var. concinna Red Cinquefoil Subspecies No 0
view Gentianella tenella ssp. tenella Slender Gentian Subspecies No 0
view Sparganium angustifolium Narrow-leaf Burreed Species No 0
view Solanum carolinense Carolina Horse-nettle Species No 0
view Ranunculus trichophyllus var. eradicatus Northeastern White Water Crowfoot Subspecies No 0
view Pyrrocoma racemosa var. racemosa Slender Goldenweed Subspecies No 0
view Erigeron strigosus Daisy Fleabane Species No 0
view Phalaropus lobatus Red-necked Phalarope Species No 0 nongame
view Anemone lithophila Little Belt Mountain Thimble-weed Species No 0
view Salix pedicellaris Bog Willow Species No 0 Sensitive
view Campanula parryi var. parryi Parry's Northern Harebell Subspecies No 0
view Piperia elongata Dense-flower Rein Orchid Species No 0