Species Conservation Status

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TaxonId Scientific Name Common Name Taxa USESA BLM USFS1 USFS4 SGCNsort descending SRank GRank
77652 Procyon lotor Common Raccoon Species No S4 G5
57586 Marah oreganus Coast Manroot Species No
78780 Populus x jackii Balm-of-Gilead Species No
57689 Pectocarya setosa Bristly Combseed Species No S3 G5
79166 Betula x sargentii Species No
79570 Trimorpha lonchophylla var. lonchophylla Low-meadow Fleabane Species No
80082 Ovis canadensis canadensis Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep Subspecies No S1 G4T4
81933 Oreohelix idahoensis baileyi A Land Snail (Hells Canyon) Subspecies No SNR G1G2T1
82336 Parnassius clodius altaurus Altaurus Parnassian Subspecies No SNR G5T3T4
83037 Juncus effusus var. pylaei Soft Rush Subspecies No
83128 Lupinus lepidus var. sellulus Stool Lupine Subspecies No S2 G4T2
83231 Eragrostis mexicana ssp. virescens Mexican Lovegrass Subspecies No
83328 Hieracium gracile var. gracile Alpine Hawkweed Subspecies No
83455 Montia fontana ssp. fontana Fountain Miner's-lettuce Subspecies No
83584 Pseudotsuga menziesii var. menziesii Douglas-fir Subspecies No
83645 Alnus incana ssp. tenuifolia Speckled Alder Subspecies No
83741 Festuca brachyphylla ssp. brachyphylla Shortleaf Fescue Subspecies No
83855 Carex heteroneura var. epapillosa Different-nerve Sedge Subspecies No
83944 Bidens beckii Beckwater Marigold Subspecies No SNR G4G5T4T5
84040 Rumex salicifolius var. mexicanus Willow Dock Subspecies No
15304 Stercorarius longicaudus Long-tailed Jaeger Species No SNA G5
84143 Agoseris glauca var. agrestis Pale Goat-chicory Subspecies No
15452 Coturnicops noveboracensis Yellow Rail Species No SNA G4
84240 Astragalus conjunctus var. conjunctus Stiff Milkvetch Subspecies No
84349 Juncus effusus var. pacificus Soft Rush Subspecies No S3 G5T5
15628 Alectoris chukar Chukar Species No SNA G5
84441 Camissonia boothii ssp. alyssoides Pine Creek Evening-primrose Subspecies No
16406 Sterna forsteri Forster's Tern Species Yes S1B G5
17623 Sorex hoyi Pygmy Shrew Species Yes S1 G5
18872 Histrionicus histrionicus Harlequin Duck Species 4 Sensitive Sensitive Yes S1B G4
19007 Aegolius funereus Boreal Owl Species 5 Sensitive Yes S2 G5
19107 Himantopus mexicanus Black-necked Stilt Species Yes S3B G5
20244 Discus marmorensis Marbled Disc Species 2 Yes S1 G1G2
21341 Euphydryas gillettii Gillette's Checkerspot Species Yes S3 G3
22709 Capnia lineata A Stonefly Species Yes S1 G2
23423 Melanoplus daemon A Spur-throat Grasshopper Species Yes S1 G1G2
29127 Vertigo idahoensis Idaho Vertigo Species Yes SH G1G2
29866 Melanoplus artemesiae Sagebrush Spur-throat Grasshopper Species Yes S1 G1G3
32721 Argiacris militaris A Grasshopper Species Yes S2 G3G4
80767 Rangifer tarandus Caribou Species Endangered Yes S1 G5T5
81945 Cryptomastix mullani latilabris A Land Snail (Lower Salmon River) Subspecies Yes SNR G3G4T1
16213 Thomomys idahoensis Idaho Pocket Gopher Species Yes S3 G4
18788 Crotaphytus bicinctores Great Basin Collared Lizard Species 3 Yes S1 G5
19008 Elgaria coerulea Northern Alligator Lizard Species 5 Yes S2 G5
19671 Bubulcus ibis Cattle Egret Species Yes S2B G5
22136 Anodonta californiensis California Floater Species 3 Yes S2 G3Q
23097 Stagnicola idahoensis Shortspire Pondsnail Species Yes S1 G1
25224 Cicindela arenicola Idaho Dunes Tiger Beetle Species 2 Yes S2 G1G2
26941 Zacoleus idahoensis Sheathed Slug Species Yes S2 G3G4
30930 Valvata utahensis Desert Valvata Species Delisted 1 Yes S1 G2
32723 Melanoplus lemhiensis A Spur-throat Grasshopper Species Yes S1 G1G2
33068 Megaleuctra kincaidi A Stonefly Species Yes S1 G3
68090 Stygobromus idahoensis Idaho Amphipod Species Yes S1 G1G2
80786 Falco peregrinus Peregrine Falcon Species Delisted 3 Sensitive Sensitive Yes S2B G4T4
15646 Egretta thula Snowy Egret Species Yes S2B G5
15794 Acipenser transmontanus White Sturgeon (Snake and Salmon Rivers) Species 2 Yes S1 G4
15936 Rhinichthys umatilla Umatilla Dace Species Yes SNR G4
16522 Larus pipixcan Franklin's Gull Species Yes S2B G4G5
17654 Buteo regalis Ferruginous Hawk Species 3 Yes S3B G4
17754 Cottus greenei Shoshone Sculpin Species 2 Yes S2 G2
18792 Vermivora virginiae Virginia's Warbler Species 5 Yes S1B G5
19117 Canis lupus Gray Wolf Species Delisted 1 Sensitive Sensitive Yes S3 G4G5
19272 Phalaropus tricolor Wilson's Phalarope Species 5 Yes S3B G5
19372 Buteo swainsoni Swainson's Hawk Species 5 Yes S3B G5
28808 Boloria kriemhild Kriemhild Fritillary Species Yes S2 G3G4
29528 Oreohelix tenuistriata Thin-ribbed Mountainsnail Species Yes SH GH
29896 Isoperla bifurcata A Stonefly Species Yes S1 G3
80168 Ovis canadensis californiana California Bighorn Sheep Subspecies 3 Sensitive Yes S3 G4T2
15329 Sitta pygmaea Pygmy Nuthatch Species 5 Sensitive Yes S1 G5
17659 Corynorhinus townsendii Townsend's Big-eared Bat Species 3 Sensitive Sensitive Yes S3 G4
17770 Prosopium abyssicola Bear Lake Whitefish Species 2 Yes S1 G1
18080 Plegadis chihi White-faced Ibis Species 4 Yes S2B G5
18700 Catostomus discobolus Bluehead Sucker Species Yes SNR G4
18798 Couesius plumbeus Lake Chub Species Yes SNR G5
18888 Sorex nanus Dwarf Shrew Species Yes S2 G4
19287 Cygnus buccinator Trumpeter Swan Species 3 Sensitive Yes S1B,S2N G4
19374 Falco columbarius Merlin Species Yes S2B,S2N G5
20290 Melanoplus papyraedus A Spur-throat Grasshopper Species Yes S1 G1G2
22167 Melanoplus digitifer A Spur-throat Grasshopper Species Yes S2 G2G3
22759 Parameletus columbiae A Mayfly Species Yes S1 G2
25285 Taenionema umatilla A Stonefly Species Yes S1 G3
28232 Malenka tina A Spring Stonefly Species Yes S2 G3
29908 Cryptomastix sanburni Kingston Oregonian Species Yes SH G1
30174 Pictetiella expansa A Stonefly Species Yes S2 G3G4
31426 Pristiloma wascoense Shiny Tightcoil Species Yes SH G3
80240 Ursus arctos Grizzly Bear Species Threatened 1 Sensitive Yes S1 G4
16351 Cypseloides niger Black Swift Species 4 Sensitive Yes S1B G4
18230 Neotamias dorsalis Cliff Chipmunk Species 4 Yes S1 G5
18325 Aythya affinis Lesser Scaup Species Yes S3 G5
18702 Sterna caspia Caspian Tern Species Yes S2B G5
18805 Neotamias umbrinus Uinta Chipmunk Species 4 Yes S1 G5
18893 Scapanus orarius Coast Mole Species 4 Yes S2 G5
19288 Synaptomys borealis Northern Bog Lemming Species 4 Sensitive Yes S1 G5
21107 Sweltsa gaufini A Stonefly Species Yes S1 G3
24946 Utacapnia nedia A Stonefly Species Yes S1 G3
25757 Lanx sp. Banbury Springs Limpet Species Endangered 1 Yes S1 G1
27949 Bolshecapnia milami A Stonefly Species Yes S1 G4G5
30655 Physa megalochlamys Cloaked Physa Species Yes S1 G3G4
32032 Cryptomastix harfordiana Salmon Oregonian Species Yes S1 G3G4
67767 Kootenaia burkei Pygmy Slug Species Yes S2 G2