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Share your Observations!

Grizzly bear
Turn over a rock and tell us what you see

Tell us about the wildlife you've seen!

Report Observations

Observations are the building blocks of all wildlife management.

Whether they be a happen-chance sighting of a mystical wolverine or a detailed surveys of sage-grouse leks spanning 30-years, each and every recorded observation has value for wildlife managers.

No observation is too rare or too common to share with us. Go outside and turn over some rocks or just tell us what you've seen and help your memory, and help Idaho's wildlife by reporting here.

Idaho's wildlife belongs to you.

Conserving Idaho's native wildlife and plants is all of our responsibility. Help track species distribution and abundance. See what's being seen!
Ring-necked snake
Ring-necked Snake photo public domain by Bill Bosworth, IDFG

Let your data tell stories!

We love stories! Every observation is a small account of a bigger story, whether it be the exciting run-in with a bear while camping or the massive research project that helped save a species. We believe sharing these stories, and the data behind them, will help all of our understandings of wildlife.
Western Toad near Cascade, ID