Hunter Reports REST API



Returns a list of real-time hunter reports summary for a given subset of data. Return format is a JSON array.


Report Type (REQUIRED)

  • report - Type of report to query (generaldeer, generalelk, controlled, total)

The remaining parameters accept comma-delimited lists or single items in the format a,b,c or 1,2,3

Hunt Area Filters (Optional)

  • hunts - Controlled hunt number (1026,2014); Deer Game Management Unit (4A,5,6); Elk Zone Name (Bannock,Dworshak)

Harvest Filters (Optional - if used success rates are not available)

  • sexes - Female, Male
  • weapons - Center fire, Archery, Muzzleloader
  • deers - Mule Deer, White-tailed Deer (Valid for generaldeer only)

Regulations Filters (Optional, valid on controlled report only)

See demo for full list of id lookups below
  • seasons - list of seasons, e.g. Controlled Hunt Antlered, using seasonid list from Huntplanner
  • games - list of game animals based on gameid list from Huntplanner
  • ornaments - list of antler/sex regulations based on ornamentid from Huntplanner
  • takes - list of methods of take based on takemethodid list from Huntplanner


General Season Elk in the Bennett Hills, Boise River and Sawtooth Zones Mule Deer Bucks Harvested with Archery Equipment Elk Controlled Youth Only Hunts with Any Weapon Restrictions


View a live demonstration of this API queried and displayed using JQuery and Google Charts.