Introducing Ask Fish & Game - An online Q&A for F&G

Ask Fish & Game
is a new feature on the IDFG website, designed to assist with the questions



This new feature is designed to:

  • make answers easier for the public and our staff to find by establishing a central, searchable Q&A repository
  • increase the visibility of recent/popular questions by embedding questions contextually across our website (view a live example in the sidebar of the Wildlife Summit)
  • establish a more efficient, trackable workflow, ensuring that questions that are asked are answered

Video Screencast Overviews

Ask Fish & Game - An Overview

A review of the new questions and answers functionality added to the Idaho Fish & Game website. The "Ask Fish & Game" section allows anyone to ask a question of IDFG and the answer may be posted for others. Questions may be viewed by category or tag and these lists may be embedded on the IDFG website, or any website contextually. 


Ask Fish & Game - Management Interface

How to answer, assign and edit questions received at Ask Fish & Game. Designed for IDFG staff, this video reviews what to expect and how to use the management features.

Over the next few weeks we will be involving more IDFG Staff in assisting with answering questions.  When you do, you’ll receive an email with the title “[Ask Fish & Game] A Question has been assigned to you” with links to view and answer the question.