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What's new with the ArcGIS 10 Table of Contents

The ArcGIS 10 table of contents (TOC) has several new ways to display data.

ArcGIS 9.x had three tabs at the bottum of the TOC.  In version 10 the tabs turned into 5 buttons at the top of the TOC.

List by drawing order: (previously the 'display' tab in ArcGIS 9.x)
This button allows you to see a list of themes, reorder, and check them on or off for display.

List by data source: (previously the 'source' tab in ArcGIS 9.x)
This button shows you the source directory for each theme within the TOC.

List by visibility: New to ArcGIS 10.
This button allows you to see which themes are currently displayed and those that are not.  Notice that the TOC can expand or contract the 'not visible' section, further cleaning up what you see in the TOC.

List by selection: (previously the 'selection' tab in ArcGIS 9.x)
This button allows the user to set themes available for selection.  Themes that can be selected, will show how many features are currently selected.  Notice the 800 features selected in the graphic below.

Options: New in ArcGIS 10
This is a new button in ArcGis 10.  This allows the user to modify how the themes appear in the TOC. The size of patches and lines can be resized  or reshaped for better cartography display in the TOC.  Please note that the changes within the options menu will NOT change how the legend will display in a map.

Grouping themes for display

Grouping themes

Do you have a messy ArcMap project full of so many themes you can‘t keep them all straight?  You should group some datasets!   Grouping data will unclutter the table of contents  allowing you to display groups of data rather than one layer at a time. 

  1. Select the themes you wish to group by holding down Shift + click on each theme.  Then, right click and choose ‘Group’.  The selected themes will appear nested under the name ‘New Group Layer’.  

2) Change ‘New Group Layer’ to something more meaningful by right clicking on the heading, then properties.  Rename and click OK.

  1.  The newly group themes can now be easily checked to display (or not), and minimized to clean up the table of contents.