Observer Confidence is not being saved when an observer is saved.

The prompt says, "Observer changes saved" but the confidence is reset to nothing.  Perhaps this could be code overriding the user changed value?

UPDATE: It appears that changes are not "saved" only when observer confidence is set to zero (No idea - I do not know them).  For some reason zero results in no value selected on edit page.  The zero is successfully saved.

Tracking this down further it

Priority: -> normal
State: -> needs review
Client: -> Observations
Assigned: unassigned -> idfg-bthomas

Tracking this down further it appears that the "select or other" widget is setting the default value (or not) by testing to see if the value is !empty()... or is not empty.

Empty treats 0, "" and similiar as empty.  Meanwhile isset() treats only truly null as empty.

If we make this patch the widget behaves as we intend for zero values.

Filed this as an issue on and posted a patch.

Patched on /species.


Patch accepted and committed

State: needs review -> closed

Patch accepted and committed on ( and new version of module released.

Haven't heard of any problems.  Thanks Nikki!