Review observations form with data partners, consider breaking out incidental and rare animal forms

We need to review our observations form offerings and consider segmenting the forms to make everyone more comfortable.


Priority: -> normal
State: -> active
Client: -> Observations
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I'm not sure what you mean by this.  We aren't asking a lot of details on our form to begin with...


There has been some push back

There has been some push back regarding how many questions we have on our standard observations form.

Do we need to build a basic observations form that hides most of the complexity, or alternatively add some sort of trigger at the start of the form that is toggleable/auto selectable that hides scary fields like "SACode" and "Count Type" and "Location Use".

We have a lot of different customers.  Or do we need an optimized "Rare Animal Report"?

Who is pushing back and why?

Who is pushing back and why?

There have been requests for

There have been requests for specific forms for "Rare Animals", "Rare Plants" and then dumbed down versions for generic and incidental reports. 

Seems like we would benefit from meeting with our "clients" and making sure what we are offering online meets their needs/expectations.