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Plants species information does not provide any content for Rankings, Applications, or Heritage Info.  I understand that this was to be uploaded, but unsure of a timeline.  Federal agency staff (e.g., BLM) have asked me when this would be available and if it would be kept up to date.  Is this something I need to manually enter for each species?

If you have a source table or

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If you have a source table or database I can update them in batch.  You can email me a location or attach a spreadsheet to this form.

Is there a table available? 

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Is there a table available?  Where might I find this information?  Do we need this info for the export?

This support ticket

This support ticket originally referred to the previous/outdated taxonomy viewer, which has been replaced by the current “Idaho Species Catalog” viewer (i.e., and status list (i.e.,  The rankings are included and can be seen in the status list, but not on an individual species view page (e.g.,  Rankings not visible to the public on the species view page, that should be, include: USESA, BLM Type, USFS Region 1, USFS Region 4, and INPS RPC Rank.  So, the data is there, it’s just not visible to the public and needs to be easily updateable by data managers.

Regarding last comment, they

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Regarding last comment, they are editable by data managers - no need for change. 

Eventually, make viewable by public on individual species view.  

Very low priority.  Close for now.