Roadkill Reporting fails when Decimal Milepost provided

Any decimal point causes to return all values rather than subset.

Sent: Monday, December 27, 2010 3:15 PM
To: Studer,Ben
Subject: RE: recording roakill data

... I tried to retrieve some data, specifically for Hwy 93, MP 0 – 10.0 and it pulled up 50 entries that were all over the map and had only 4 entries for US 93.   I went through the procedure as specified….Search Options, Select Hwy, MP range and Limit Results.  It didn’t limit much.   I tried another highway with another MP range and got another list of 50 hits that do not help.   Is the retrieval process still being fixed? ...


Priority: -> normal
State: -> closed
Client: -> Portal
Assigned: unassigned -> idfg-bthomas

MilePost was mistyped in code as an integer.  Failed on conversion to NaN and defaulted to no MilePosts provided.