Observations taxonomy selection

Taxonomic selection validation does not work in some instances. 

Failure most prevalent with users with little or no experience using a web browser.

Ben has made progress on

Priority: -> low
State: -> active
Client: -> Portal
Assigned: unassigned -> idfg-bstuder

Ben has made progress on this.  It is no longer possible to submit without a species, however the species name that appears in the Version.Title may still be spoofed if you hack it just right.

Presents no security vulnerability as the Title text is cleaned for malicious input and one has to first select a species, then delete the value, then submit the form to pull off the species name error.  Even still, it should be fixed, but this is a low priority.

Adding items to this that are

Priority: low -> normal

Adding items to this that are related in Version.Title calculation:

  1. Species text not drawn from database consistently.  In some instances it is scientific name and others scientific plus common name.
  2. Date is saved as entered.  This could be a good thing because it archives errors.
  3. The species name routinely, but not always lacks a trailing space before the word "on"

Bumping up to Normal as this field is widely displayed and the lack of consistency is very publicly viewable.  Presents no potential for data loss, so does not justify High or Critical.


State: active -> closed
Client: Portal -> Observations