PCD, QC, PCD Observation 170865


Hi Jim,

PCD observation 170865 doesn't have a matching point line or polygon mapped for it.  I assume it needs an associated feature. 

Also, it occurs at the same general location as observation 161930, I wonder if they are connected somehow?  Below is a screen shot circling where the observation 170865 should generally be mapped and where 161930 is currently located.

Thx, Angie

PCD observation 170865 is a

Priority: -> high
State: -> active
Client: -> Observations
Assigned: unassigned -> idfg-jstrickland

PCD observation 170865 is a "negative data" observation.  A return visit to the observation location for Obs 161930 could not relocate/find a specimen.  The previous location was well documented and flagged.  A report was filed for the survey where the species was not found/relocated.

I predict that I did not initially map a location, as no specific point exists when no species is found.  However, I do see the value in tieing a record to a location.  Since the no-data report was based on a previously known, specific point, I created a new point for the new data in the OD_POINTS feature class.  

I will work to be more diligent in the future for mapping a location for negative data.  In most cases I would imagine this to be a polygon for a given search area.  For this obs, a scanned map and the report with TRS quarter-quarter section were given.

PCD observation 170865 is a

State: active -> closed

PCD observation 170865 is a "negative data" observation.  A labeled location point, tied to this OBSNO, is in the fc OD_POINTS and can be copied into the next exportable points layer/fc. Closing the ticket.