Some observations made while reviewing previously entered observations

A few observations/questions:

1) I noticed that the "count" is not displayed on the reviewing panel for a particular observation, but the "count type" is. Is this intentional?

2) Latitude is displayed using 6 digits to the right of the decimal point, while longitude is carried out to an eye-crossing number, I think 12 or 14. The bounding cooordinates are also displayed using the same format as longitude above. There must be a logical explanation for this, but sadly its beyond my reach.

 1) The display of the fields

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 1) The display of the fields upon completion of the report is still problematic. I've verified the records entered by you as having a count associated with each observation, so the data is going in correctly.  On the "to-do" list is to change the "submitted" page into a "thank you, here are more options" page which will a more consistent output of your inputted data and more options to enter records.


2) I've never observed the situation where latitude is only displayed using 6 decimal points. While its probably ridiculously absurd, we store around 14 decimal point characters, if its given to us. I would be interested to observe the results by either a screen shot or showing me someday so I have a better understanding of what you see. I do suspect however, that when we take time to reformat the results page, that we'll be able to better format the data.


I would be very interested to hear more about what you'd like to see, do, or know more about after you've submitted an observation!

Fixed with release of new

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Fixed with release of new system March 2013