Improve the Download Page on Huntplanner to be IFWIS-wide


I need to reengineer the download page to serve as a central GIS Data Repository.  All layers should be available as shp, kml and gpx.  Some layers may need to allow record-specific downloading (e.g. only Unit 4A).  The entire site should operate under a standard metadata framework that synchs with Inside Idaho.

As part of the

Priority: -> normal
State: -> closed
Client: -> Public
Assigned: unassigned -> idfg-bthomas

As part of the Huntplanner/OutfitterGuide redesign and with Pam's help on metadata and format conversions we rolled this out early this week.

IFWIS Open Data:

Filterable by Tags (Keywords) in the URL:

And additionally searchable by Contains in the textbox at the top.  Just sending an email now to Bruce Godfrey asking him to update Inside Idaho.  Would like to also add metadata indexing our live mapservices here as well.

Bruce and other spiders should be indexing the full list available at:

In the coming weeks I'd like to find some time to build some small JavaScript widgets which might be used by ourselves as well as our collaborators, fans and colleagues to highlight GIS data available contextually on a web page.  For example, perhaps highlight Fish Presence GIS Data Layers on the Angler Guide?

NOTE: Getting this information online required extensive work by Pam to clean, update and champion metadata at IDFG/IFWIS.  This marks the first time IDFG has served Fish and Fisheries GIS data which will be available publicly via our website and Inside Idaho.