Add Parent VERSION_Usages to nodecomplete/detail

Having only child VERSION_Usages in nodecomplete is confusing since many relationships between nodes are more equal than heirarchical.  For example, a species is a parent to a species alias, but the alias makes no sense without the species.

ex. The species record for Alces americanus.

Makes no mention of the alias "Moose", but does include a bunch of application usages.  This is confusing.


I should fix this someday and show both Parent and Child Usages and provide navigation elements.  While I'm at it I should add Delete links.

I added this about two months

Priority: -> low
State: -> closed
Client: -> Observations
Assigned: unassigned -> idfg-bthomas

I added this about two months back and forgot to close the ticket.  Observations do not display parents by design because there are too many and it wouldn't scale.  All others at this time display parent usages and child usages.