Discussion: How to handle sources for data in Core

Currently we are using NODE.XID and VERSION_Usage.XID to track referential integrity between source Primary Keys (PK) and Core.  We do not, however, have a standard way to track what source this maps.

I propose adding two new vocabularies to VOCAB.

  1. node--to--source
  2. source

On top of this we could then map sources to schemas for transformations, or something like this in the future.

I am opening this up for discussion because I am not sure this is the correct path as my experience with data transformations is somewhat limited and I know bstuder, ebrown and charrington all have experience working with sources/citations here that may provide valueable insight.  Thoughts?

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Subscribing Chris

As some further background this is in regards to maintaining references to the PKs of source data once imported to a new database.  It is not a specific conversation about IFWIS Core, but moreso about how we preserve such relationships in our databases when there is no physical connection (e.g. a Tribal or Federal database housed externally)

For the time being, we have

For the time being, we have added a source as a Node Reference (relationship) for every piece of data uploaded in what is, at least currently, a 1 to 1 relationship. This may have to change to a 1-many in the future.

Solved in Core, later we will

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Solved in Core, later we will need a larger discussion of this across IFWIS/IDFG.  Closing.