SpeciesID in Observations Querystring throws error for anonymous users

Clicking the following link:

Works when I am authenticated, but when anonymous or if authenticated and the user has never submitted an observation it fails to select Bighorn Sheep. 

Additionally, if browsed via https, it gives a linked page (https://fishandgame.idaho.gov/ifwis/taxonomy/ws_identify/) error, appears page is not accessible due to security.

I am currently advertising this link on the Accounts Registration Page thusly:

This remains an issue.

Priority: -> normal
State: -> active
Client: -> Portal
Assigned: unassigned -> idfg-bstuder

This remains an issue.

This issue should have been

State: active -> pending
Client: Portal -> Observations

This issue should have been patched when I moved the taxonomy controllers for these controllers to "ifwis/taxonomypublic/*"


The reason is because we secured the folder /ifwis/taxonomy/* to IDFG folks due to taxonomy manager being in that folder. The security model will change and these controllers will be reverted into core at some point, so this will be an issue to watch while those are being done.


It shouldn't be a bug any longer, but it should be something to consider, so moving this to "pending"

Fixed when an https URL is

Priority: normal -> critical
State: pending -> closed

Fixed when an https URL is used.  Closing.