Species Diversity

CaribouThe Idaho Fish and Wildlife Information System (IFWIS) is the most comprehensive repository for site-specific data on Idaho’s fish, wildlife and plant diversity. IFWIS is a member of NatureServe and houses Idaho’s Natural Heritage data. In addition to more common species, IFWIS tracks species that are identified as having special conservation status in the following lists.

  • Species of Greatest Conservation Need (SGCN) identified in Idaho’s Comprehensive Wildlife Conservation Strategy.
  • Species listed under the Endangered Species Act (ESA) as endangered, threatened, candidate or proposed.
  • US BLM Species of Special Concern.
  • US Forest Service Intermountain Region Sensitive Species.
  • US Forest Service Northern Region Sensitive Species.
  • Idaho Native Plant Society rare plant species.

Acronyms and code definitions used by the Idaho Natural Heritage Program (IDNHP) and IFWIS can be downloaded in viewed in this workbook.