Elk Habitat (Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation)

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In keeping with the mission of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, the M.A.P.™ (Measure and Prioritize) Elk Habitat Project was a cooperative effort, sponsored by the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation to produce comprehensive information about occupied North American elk habitat. 

Elk winter and summer range, crucial winter and summer range, parturition, migration and other important habitat areas were mapped using expert opinion of wildlife biologists. The M.A.P. ™ Elk Habitat Project can provide resource managers from State and Federal Agencies, Tribal Nations, and other wildlife conservation and management interests with a current, efficient and simple GIS tool to assist with habitat management. Uses such as the development of conservation easements, land acquisition and exchange, conservation education and habitat management are a few examples of the long term and collective opportunities to address habitat conservation from the "big picture", mid-scale perspective. Cooperators in this project include State Wildlife Management Agencies, Federal Resource Management Agencies such as U.S.D.A., Forest Service and U.S.D.I., Bureau of Land Management, and Tribal Nations.