Lands Data and Applications

Grays Lake National Wildlife RefugeIDFG manages over 370,000 acres in Idaho. This includes 32 Wildlife Management Areas (WMAs) and over 330 fishing and hunting access sites that, together, see over 1 million user-days annually. These areas provide important fish and wildlife habitat as well as places to hunt, fish, and recreate outdoors.

Wildlife Management Areas range in size from 88,500 acres on Craig Mountain WMA to 275 acres at Red River WMA. Snow Peak WMA includes backcountry forested habitats while several WMAs are agricultural with important pheasant and waterfowl habitat. Thousands of big game animals winter on some WMAs and tens of thousands of waterfowl winter on others. Nongame wildlife use all the WMAs. These lands are diverse and critical habitats that provide great opportunities to enjoy both game and nongame wildlife.

Visit the Open Data page to download ArcGIS shapefiles and Google Earth KMLs of lands related data such as Wildlife Management Areas, Wildlife Tracts, and Access Yes! properties.