Fisheries Data and Applications

FisheriesIFWIS supports the management of fish in Idaho by providing maps, databases, applications and websites to meet the needs of biologists and the public.

Our most visible product is the FishingPlanner, a website for the public to query and explore Idaho's fishing opportunities and regulations. The FishingPlanner required the construction of an integrated database system of fishing regulations and geographic information system.  It provides anglers with a way to query the databases based on their fishing preferences. Maps of the results are displayed and an interactive mapping system allows anglers to customize their maps.

IFWIS has also developed applications and databases containing scientifically collected data about Idaho's fisheries resources. We  currently have systems in place for the Lower Snake River salmon and steelhead hatchery system, spawning ground surveys, and stream surveys. We will soon be releasing a Lake and Reservoir data system. Most of these databases are collaborative projects involving IDFG, federal agencies, tribes, and private industry. All have contributed to the development of the systems and actively enter data into the systems. You can access the data through applications on this website or through custom data requests.