What is IFWIS?


The Idaho Fish and Wildlife Information System (IFWIS) is small team in Idaho Fish and Game (IDFG) working in collaboration with government and private partners to develop a common infrastructure for compiling, managing and disseminating data about Idaho's fish, wildlife and plants. Starting with established frameworks in geography, taxonomy and biology we work to build bridges between disparate studies and initiatives across agencies to construct an institutional knowledge system.

We make maps, webpages and applications to track, organize, better understand and manage Idaho's fish and wildlife.  We build tools to simplify information management.  We build tools to automate data collection.  We build tools to open government databases for the use of other agencies, organizations and individuals.

With our team of developers and GIS professionals we build applications for both internal and external use.  We call some of our more popular publicly-accessible web applications "IFWIS Apps". Our data management team provides data entry, management and quality control to our databases. Beneath the surface we are working hard to make data more available, remove the burden of information management and improve the analytics available to decision-makers in natural resources.

CLumsy Web site

Suggestion: Observe around a dozen average Web users trying to navigate your site after they first register. I thik you will see there are some bigs. Specifically, it's hard to locate the Roadkill reporting page after your register.


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