Customize ArcMap 10 Toolbars

Creating custom toolbars is one of the easiest ways to tailor ArcGIS desktop applications to the way you work. In addition to positioning toolbars in a specific area of the application, you can group commands on a custom toolbar.  Save mouse clicks by creating a new toolbar that contains frequently used menu choices, new macros, or custom commands from another source.

o  Choose Customize ►Customize Mode… from the main menu bar.

o   To turn toolbars on/off simply check/uncheck the box next to the toolbar in the Toolbars tab.

o   Shortcut:  right-click on the standard toolbar (just below the main menu bar) and the select the toolbar(s) you would like to be visible. 

o   Toolbars can be docked anywhere or float in the application.

o   While the Customize dialog box is open, the tool buttons on visible toolbars can be rearranged and new tool buttons (aka commands) can be added from the Commands tab, just drag and drop the tool button to the visible target toolbar.

Adding and Moving ArcGis Toolbars

The ArcGIS Toolbar

Can't find the tool you want in Arcmap, perhaps you need another toolbar! 

Right click on any blank spot within the gray toolbar area at the top of the ArcMap.  The available toolbars will appear as a long list as seen in the graphic below.  Simply check or uncheck each toolbar to add (or remove)  them from the ArcMap project.

Rearranging a toolbar is easy.  Simply hover the cursor over the left edge of a toolbar, click and hold, then drag the toolbar to a new location.