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The Idaho Species Catalog menubar provides three options. This blog describes the functionality of the Idaho Species Catalog (ISC) 'STATUS LISTS' option at https://fishandgame.idaho.gov/species/taxa . For an introduction to the ISC please view our background blog.

Status Lists allow the user to query and download Conservation Statuses for a species or a taxonomic group. Attributes included are United State Endangered Species Act, Species of Greatest Conservation Need, BLM Type, USFS sensitive species, and IDAPA classification.

Click "FILTER" after you have specified one or all of the criteria under Keyword, Category, and Idaho Classification.  Be sure to "RESET" the filter before you begin a new filter.

Downloading the Status List is easy.  Once you have filtered your species of interest simply click the orange .csv button at the bottom of the page.  The .csv can then be saved and opened in MS Excel.  To download a Status List for the entire state simply make sure there is no filter set and download the .csv.


MS Access Query to determine if 1+ fields of a subset of fields is not null

I recently encountered an issue where I tried to determine which records for any of 7 out of 12 Forest Service National Forests contained data for a query.  Region 4 of the USFS has 12 NFs, of which 7 have boundaries within Idaho.  For a list of sensitive species occurring in the region, I wanted to determine which species occurred in 1 or more of the forests that occur in Idaho.  Currently, R4 indicates 231 sensitive species, but only 56 occur in forests within Idaho.

With my original query, I simply put `Is Not Null' in the `or:' row of the query design view, but this resulted in no records being returned.  It appeared that something needed to be in the `Criteria:' row of query design, but when I did this, then put `Is Not Null' in the `or' row going straight across for each field desired, only records meeting the `Criteria:' rule were returned.  Example of failed query shown below:

It ended up that the query rules needed to be "tiered" or staggered in the query design view, with each OR statement completely encapsulated with parenthesis, resulting in the following GOOD SQL query:


SELECT [Tbl_USFS-R4--July_2011].ID, [Tbl_USFS-R4--July_2011].Type, [Tbl_USFS-R4--July_2011].Species, [Tbl_USFS-R4--July_2011].Common, [Tbl_USFS-R4--July_2011].Boise_NF, [Tbl_USFS-R4--July_2011].Caribou_NF, [Tbl_USFS-R4--July_2011].Challis_NF, [Tbl_USFS-R4--July_2011].Payette_NF, [Tbl_USFS-R4--July_2011].Salmon_NF, [Tbl_USFS-R4--July_2011].Sawtooth_NF, [Tbl_USFS-R4--July_2011].Targhee_NF
FROM [Tbl_USFS-R4--July_2011]
WHERE ((([Tbl_USFS-R4--July_2011].Boise_NF) Is Not Null)) OR ((([Tbl_USFS-R4--July_2011].Caribou_NF) Is Not Null)) OR ((([Tbl_USFS-R4--July_2011].Challis_NF) Is Not Null)) OR ((([Tbl_USFS-R4--July_2011].Payette_NF) Is Not Null)) OR ((([Tbl_USFS-R4--July_2011].Salmon_NF) Is Not Null)) OR ((([Tbl_USFS-R4--July_2011].Sawtooth_NF) Is Not Null)) OR ((([Tbl_USFS-R4--July_2011].Targhee_NF) Is Not Null));
Tiered Query to determine if any of a subset "is not null"


Geographic Names Information System (GNIS) Query

Looking for a town, city or place outside of Idaho? You can use this website to query geographic features for all of the United States and its territories at http://geonames.usgs.gov/pls/gnispublic. Of course you can use the IDFG GeoTools LayerFetcher to zoom to locations in Idaho in ArcGIS.