Sorry, but we had a weekend outage 6/18/2011-6/20/2011

It just came to my attention that there was an error was introduced in the Observations and Roadkill forms by an update made on Friday, June 18.

I personally apologize if you encountered any frustration because of this error. However, there is a silver lining on the cloud. The error was introduced when we updated our taxonomy database, a change that will give you better access to information about all of our species and it should speed up search performance as well.

The error would occur when selecting a species from the list. You could select a species from the list, but after selecting the species from the drop-down, the error "We need to know what you saw. Please search the species' list, then click on the appropriate match from the drop-down box." would appear. A dialog box might have appeared as well, depending on your browser.

To the best of my knowledge, this error is now corrected. Please let us know if you find otherwise, OR, any other bugs.

Thanks for being patient. I look forward to introducing the taxonomy browser and additional taxonomy features which led to this outage.



P.S. A big thanks to Roy and Angie for bringing this to my attention this morning! We wouldn't be able to get to our programming destination without supporters and users like you!