Observations, Idaho Species Catalog - Status Lists

TIP: Before you begin be sure to log into your IFWIS account to obtain all the functionality assigned to you.

The Idaho Species Catalog menubar provides three options. This blog describes the functionality of the Idaho Species Catalog (ISC) 'STATUS LISTS' option at https://fishandgame.idaho.gov/species/taxa . For an introduction to the ISC please view our background blog.

Status Lists allow the user to query and download Conservation Statuses for a species or a taxonomic group. Attributes included are United State Endangered Species Act, Species of Greatest Conservation Need, BLM Type, USFS sensitive species, and IDAPA classification.

Click "FILTER" after you have specified one or all of the criteria under Keyword, Category, and Idaho Classification.  Be sure to "RESET" the filter before you begin a new filter.

Downloading the Status List is easy.  Once you have filtered your species of interest simply click the orange .csv button at the bottom of the page.  The .csv can then be saved and opened in MS Excel.  To download a Status List for the entire state simply make sure there is no filter set and download the .csv.


Observations, Idaho Species Catalog - background

TIP: Before you begin be sure to log into your IFWIS account to obtain all the functionality assigned to you. 

Want to search for a species within the online system? Need a rank or status for a particular species?  Want to download a taxonomy list? Want to verify the species you saw before you enter an observations?  Do it all by exploring the Idaho Species Catalog at, https://fishandgame.idaho.gov/species (simply remember "SPECIES" after the idfg url).

Take a Tour - provides background information about 'Observations'.

Start Exploring! - Opens the Idaho Species Catalog.  The Idaho Species Catalog is a great place to start if you want to query for a particular taxa and view the observations. 


The Idaho Species Catalog menubar provides three options.  Here's a brief explanation of each option. 

EXPLORE - the home page of the Idaho Species Catalog. Details on 'explore' can be found here.

STATUS LISTS -Filter and/or download taxonomy lists by species, taxonomy group, or IDAPA classification. Details on 'status lists' can be found here.

EXPORTS - User-defined custom queries on the taxonomy to lists based on a species, groups of species, various statuses, and ranks.  This can also be downloaded to a .csv textfile compatible with MS Excel. Details on 'exports' can be found here.



Observations: Finding and Reviewing

To “View & Export Observations” that have been submitted and entered into the IDFG-IFWIS database, for Animals you can go to https://fishandgame.idaho.gov/species/observations/list, while for Plants you go to https://fishandgame.idaho.gov/species/observations/plants/list.  From this page you can begin filtering and querying the data to fit your need.  Filters currently included are by: Common Name, Scientific Name, Category [of species type], and Region.  An updated form will also include filters for Observer and Reporting Organization.  If you require a specific filter, that you believe will be useful by many, please let us know.

These filters should be fairly intuitive, but a helpful note is to remember to “Reset” the filter when you want to change your search criteria, otherwise, the filter will continue to narrow down on the search criteria that are already entered.  You may also increase the number of observations returned per page by changing the Items/page filter.

Quick clicks for faster roadkill and salvage reporting

In response to some of your suggestions, we're pleased to introduce a new feature for simpler reporting for roadkill or salvaging roadkill. Now, when you browse to http://fishandgame.idaho.gov/roadkill, you'll find images of some of the most commonly reported animals killed on Idaho's roads.

roadkill improvements

Simply click on the image of the appropriate animal to save some typing for these commonly entered animals. If you do not see the animal you're reporting, please continue to type in the animal in the textbox at Option 2. You'll find all of Idaho's most common animals available in that drop down will be filtered as you type. Simply use the arrow keys to select the option, or click with your mouse.

drop-down image

We hope that this change helps with the overall usability of the form. If you have further suggestions or comments, please let us know!


Observations and Roadkill Posters

For anyone interested in helping promote the use of these systems, here are graphics we've started with for Observations and Roadkill online reporting forms.

Observations Roadkill


We'd appreciate it if you are using these as web images, that they would link directly to either Observations (https://fishandgame.idaho.gov/ifwis/observations) or Roadkill (https://fishandgame.idaho.gov/ifwis/roadkill)


[Feature Request] User Points, a.k.a. whuffie

I propose we add a way to track user contributions to our site so that over time users gain reputation for their contributions.  Cory Doctorow calls this virtual currency, "whuffie".


+2 When a user adds an observation
+1  Observation includes photo or verifiable citation
+10 Our scientists confirm observation
+25 It expands the range of a species
+5 User provides evidence to verify another users observation

Questions and Answers

+1 For asking a question
+1 When another user finds your question useful
+5 For answering a question
+1 When another user likes your answer
+10 When the questioner accepts your answer

Over time users gain "badges" and a total Rep.

Some someone may become a "Tutor", "Student", "Teacher", "Field Assistant", "Biological Expert".  We add points for all sorts of contributions.  These badges and the total reputation number are visible to everyone providing feedback and giving credit encouraging repeated contributions.

I'm still flushing out the details, but this is the basic gist.


Air Conditioner Failure - Servers Down Oct. 3, 2011 6:40AM - 11:20AM MST (-0600 GMT)

Air conditioners in Idaho Fish and Game's Server Room failed late Sunday resulting in shutdown of the Fish and Game servers and network at 6:40AM on Monday October 3.

The network and all servers are now back online.  If you experience any issues with our applications please let us know.

We apologize for the outage and any inconvenience this may have caused. 

Funding is short. If you've come to rely on our services and would like to contribute towards a redundant system/cloud hosting to avoid outages like this in the future we're all ears.

Taxonomy Search upgrade for Observations, Roadkill

You may notice the species selection has changed a little for animals in Observations and Roadkill forms. The usage method is still the same, but we've updated the species search to improve speed and add search options. Hopefully it will help you find the wildlife you're searching for, faster and easier.

The new selection looks like this:

**Note, when you select a species, the validation mentioning that "We need to know what you saw. Please search the species' list, then click on the appropriate match from the drop-down box." will disappear. :)


As always, please let us know if you have any questions, problems, or comments.




Update the old IFWIS_Master Taxonomy

Update the old IFWIS Master Taxonomy to IFWIS_Core as the source.

Highway 21 Wildlife Underpass is Working (with Photos)

As the scenic State Highway 21 snakes its way across the Boise Mountains, it also intersects another favorite travel route.

For millennia, mule deer and elk have traveled to and from low elevation ranges where they spend the winter, to mountain meadows where they grow fat each summer feasting on the rich vegetation found at higher elevations. In doing so, they must cross State Highway 21.

In recent years, from 75 to 200 or more mule deer and elk, crossing the highway between Boise and Robie Creek, have been killed by vehicles each year.

So far this spring, only one animal has died in the stretch with a recently completed wildlife underpass.

The underpass was completed in October on Highway 21 near milepost 18.2, at the site of a well-documented big game migration "funnel" and subsequent collision "hotspot." A bridge replaced the fill that had supported the road, opening this migratory corridor to deer and elk. By physically separating wildlife and motorists, the underpass now provides protection for both.

The second phase of this project involves building a wildlife fence on the east side of the road to direct deer and elk away from the highway and towards the underpass.

Federal stimulus money was used to build the bridge and part of the fence. But additional funding is still needed to complete the fencing project.

A group of local people working together to find ways to reduce wildlife-vehicle collisions on our roads and highways worked with the Idaho Transportation Department to get the underpass built. The group's focus now is raising the money to complete the wildlife exclusion fencing to make the underpass even more effective than it has already been shown to be.

Dubbed the Boise River Wildlife Linkage Partnership, the group includes private citizens, business people, non-profits and city, county, state and federal representatives.

Underpass Photos (click for full-size):

Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo

Story cross-posted from IDFG Press Release, Highway 21 Wildlife Underpass is Working
Photos courtesy of Idaho Transportation Department