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New Feature: View your observations in KML


new features

Logged-in Observations or Roadkill users, we've added a feature to share your data with you. On the right-hand side of any Observations pages, you'll see the familiar google earth icon "Google Earth" icon and a link to "View My Observations in Google Earth."


When you click a link, your browser will ask you to download a KML file (keyhole markup language, a file that Google Earth uses to show locations). Opening that file will plot your past observations within Google Earth#.

We hope this is a useful feature while we continue to enable further gis or mapping options for your observation data.


#Note: At this point-in-time, don't worry about saving the file. It is only a snapshot of your observations. It currently will not update within Google Earth with your latest observations, we plan to add this feature in the future. To view the most current snapshot of your observations, you will have to download the file each time.