ArcGIS 10.2 Desktop Installation

Uninstall Previous Version

If you have any previous version of ArcGIS installed on your computer, you will need to uninstall before proceeding. [UPDATE 3/25/2015 - For 10.2.2 forward uninstall is not required]

-  From the start menu, select Control Panel.  Under Programs, select Uninstall program.

-  Select ArcGIS from the program list, then click Uninstall/Change.

-  Select Uninstall, then OK -> OK


                  Installing ArcGIS Desktop

Locate the the install program in


1)  Open the Desktop folder and double click the setup application. 

2)  Accept the license agreement and click Next.

3)  Keep the default options and click Next until the installation begins.   The install  should take about 30 minutes.  Click Finish.

The ArcGIS Administrator Wizard window will come up automatically.

            -  Under  1. Select a Product, select Basic (ArcView) Concurrent Use.

 -  Under 2. Define a License Manager, select Define a License Manager Now.

             -  In the box below, type IFWISARC.

             -  Click OK -> OK.

You are done! For instrustructions on accessing the LayerFetcher Tools click here.  It takes two minutes.  This has not changed from 10.0.