Definitions of Terms used by IDNHP and IFWIS

Links to downloadable files have been added to the IFWIS website.  A workbook of acronyms, agency codes, and definitions was added to the Species Diversity page.  A text document was added to the Obtain Information page, explaining the terms used in the downloadable county lists of rare and sensitive species.


Securing IFWIS Content: A migration to HTTPS (SSL) traffic

In an effort to protect your content and data, we're in process of migrating all web server traffic to https encryption. This is the same type of security that banks and agencies with sensitive data use to protect data transfer from your computer or mobile device to our web server. 

Using https helps protect data from being snooped by third parties, such as in public wifi hotspots. As a user, you won't need to make any changes. We'll redirect all traffic to these updated applications.  

SSL lockThis will be a continued migration and we'll experience a few hiccups along the way as we upgrade our applications. Occasionally you may see a warning message about "mixed content" or the secure icon that browsers show may switch to a broken lock or similar icon. These issues will disappear as we migrate. 


The first secure deployment is the IFWIS Portal. Soon to follow are the internal deployments of Observations and Roadkill. 


HTTPS definition from Wikipedia:

Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) is a combination of the Hypertext Transfer Protocol with the SSL/TLS protocol to provide encrypted communication and secure identification of a network web server. HTTPS connections are often used for payment transactions on the World Wide Web and for sensitive transactions in corporate information systems. [Read more at wikipedia.org]