Windfarm: USGS Releases Interactive Map of U.S. Wind Turbines

From the USGS website: "To remedy the lack of information, the USGS created this publicly available national dataset and interactive mapping application of wind turbines.  This dataset is built with publicly available data, as well as searching for and identifying individual wind turbines using satellite imagery. The locations of all wind turbines, including the publicly available datasets, were visually verified with high-resolution remote imagery to within plus or minus 10 meters."

Screenshot of southern Idaho in the windFarm application:

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windFarm Application:


Downloadable Data: 

 Techinical Recovery Team (TRT) Interior Columbia Summer-Winter Steelhead Populations, circa 2011.  These need to be updated by NOAA Fisheries.


 Techinical Recovery Team (TRT) Interior Columbia Spring-Summer Chinook Salmon Populations, circa 2011.  These need to be updated by NOAA Fisheries.

Idaho Trap Weir and Pond Sites

Fish traps for all species within the state of Idaho from all collectors for research and aquaculture purposes.

Greater Sage Grouse Conservation Areas & Management Zones

Downloadable Data: 

The Idaho Sage Grouse Task Force (SGTF) appointed by the Governor of Idaho, created an Idaho alternative in response to the BLM's, "A Framework to Identify Greater Sage-grouse Preliminary Priority Habitat and Preliminary General Habitat for Idaho" as seen at The SGTF split the BLM's designated PPH and PGH into 4 'Conservation Areas', two located North of the Snake River and two South. The Conservation Areas are split into Management Zones attributed with Core, Important, and General. This shapefile is supporting information for the content within the 'DRAFT Federal Alternative of Governor C.L. Butch Ottter For Greater Sage-Grouse Management in Idaho, June 28th, 2012' at

For more information about the SGTF visit

Fish Survey Sites From Stream Survey Database

Fish survey sites in streams from the Standard Stream Survey (SSS) database in the Idaho Fish and Wildlife Information System (IFWIS).  The points represent the beginning points of the surveyed transects.  There are XY coordinates from the field survey and for the snapped points.


IDFG Chinook Salmon Index Redd Count Transects

Downloadable Data: 

Index chinook redd count transects reported in the IDFG Salmon Spawning Ground Report and used to derive spawner abundance estimates for Viable Salmonid Population analyses.

Idaho Birding Trail Routes

Idaho Birding Trail routes as described on the Idaho Birding Trail website:

Idaho Highway Wildlife Linkages


Wildlife linkage zones (travel/migration corridors) associated with Idaho state and federal highways across all of Idaho. Created using documentation collected from biologists and other experts during workshops and reveiw comments.