Air Conditioner Failure - Servers Down Oct. 3, 2011 6:40AM - 11:20AM MST (-0600 GMT)

Air conditioners in Idaho Fish and Game's Server Room failed late Sunday resulting in shutdown of the Fish and Game servers and network at 6:40AM on Monday October 3.

The network and all servers are now back online.  If you experience any issues with our applications please let us know.

We apologize for the outage and any inconvenience this may have caused. 

Funding is short. If you've come to rely on our services and would like to contribute towards a redundant system/cloud hosting to avoid outages like this in the future we're all ears.

Modify Land Management Layer to be Colorblind Optimized

Start with the layer file we have now (since it follows the BLM styles for 100k) and modify until legible.  Test using online tools for all types of blindness.

Improved PDF Maps on the HuntPlanner

We're happy to announce that we've added new improved PDF Maps to the Huntplanner!  The maps have been redesigned to be easier to read and use in the field. 


  • Hunt and National Forest boundaries clearly marked
  • Prominent physical features and towns noted
  • Improved streams symbols and shaded relief to assist with navigation.
  • Public and private land management are clearly defined
  • Customized rendering for improved readability and various scales
  • Designed for regular and colorblind hunters

You can view and download the new maps on details page for each hunt or directly from the map index.

Here's a preview of the new design.  Thanks for all the hard work Angie!

What would make the Huntplanner better?

The Huntplanner is now eight years old and overdue for an overhaul. Over the next month the IFWIS Team will be rebuilding the site from the ground up and we'd like your input.

How could it be better? What doesn't work? What features would you like to see in the next release? Let us know!

Administrative Regions

The seven administrative regions of Idaho Fish and Game: Panhandle, Clearwater, Southwest, Magic Valley, Southeast, Upper Snake and Salmon.