Observations: Finding and Reviewing

To “View & Export Observations” that have been submitted and entered into the IDFG-IFWIS database, for Animals you can go to https://fishandgame.idaho.gov/species/observations/list, while for Plants you go to https://fishandgame.idaho.gov/species/observations/plants/list.  From this page you can begin filtering and querying the data to fit your need.  Filters currently included are by: Common Name, Scientific Name, Category [of species type], and Region.  An updated form will also include filters for Observer and Reporting Organization.  If you require a specific filter, that you believe will be useful by many, please let us know.

These filters should be fairly intuitive, but a helpful note is to remember to “Reset” the filter when you want to change your search criteria, otherwise, the filter will continue to narrow down on the search criteria that are already entered.  You may also increase the number of observations returned per page by changing the Items/page filter.

August 2012 Data Export -- What's New?

A PowerPoint presentation discussing "what's new" in the August 2012 data export is now available for download and viewing.  This presentation presents a summary overview of new plant and animal data in GIS. Download DataExport_Oct2012.pptx here.

SGS Export line breaks divide records

When a selection of SGS data is exported to a csv file, the records with carriage returns and/or commas are divided in two parts and screws the filtering and pivoting of the data in excel.