We feed so you can follow

Let us make this easy.

We're trying to make it easier for you to keep on top of what we are working on here at IFWIS.  Our work is not just to compile Natural Resources data, but to make it more open, accessible, and well, yours. 

We've just started this process with our new Roadkill App. Stripped of any personal details, save your username, all uploaded data are instantaneously available at http://fishandgame.idaho.gov/ifwis/core/view/roadkills where you are free to query, reuse and remix:

We are just getting started. Over the next year we'll be opening up

more data streams via the IFWIS Core API to allow you to remix, reuse and download IFWIS data and we needed a way to tell you about it.  Which brings us to this post.

RSS broadcasting RSS

We feed. You follow.

We've just started this little IFWIS Blog, but we realize that our projects, tastes and interest are pretty diverse. Though you are welcome to follow all our posts via RSS or email subscriptions, we expect the chatter - ranging from web server configs to PIT tagging - will get a little overwhelming.  To that end, we just added RSS Feeds for any tag (the keyword kind) and posted them in sidebar of the IFWIS Blog.  So if your passion *is* roadkill, you can follow those posts via RSS or HTML without all the extra noise.

And if you are passionate about RSS. You can follow the posts on RSS via RSS.