How to Report Roadkill

Would you like to share roadkills you witness?  It's quick and easy and helps Idaho Fish and Game (IDFG) and the Idaho Department of Transportation (ITD) work to avoid future wildlife collisions.

Reporting Roadkill is Quick and Easy

How to Submit a Wildlife Collision in 5 Steps...

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1.) Who

Enter a few details about yourself, the Observer.
Don't worry we won't share this, but we do need to contact you if we have questions.

We admit that entering all this information is quite a pain if you'll be reporting often.  That's why we encourage you to create an account.

Once you have created an account your contact information will auto-fill.  You'll also be able report for friends and family members with a single click.  In fact, all your commonly used settings will be stored in quick-access shortcuts.

2.) When

Enter the date of the observation and an accuracy
You may type a date, or pick a date from the calendar.  Choose from the list an accuracy for the selected date.

Optionally, you may enter any more details you may have about the time of the observation (e.g. "Observed at Time Zone Rapid in Riggins and I'm not sure if this observation was at 2:05PM or 3:05PM").

3.) What

Identify the species
Start typing a common name (e.g. Moose) or scientific name (e.g. Alces americanus) and pick a species from the dropdown list that appears.

Add some Detail
How many? How old? What gender? Was it still alive? Other details?

4.) Where

Provide a location of the roadkill
Use one of four options to provide a location:

  • Click on the map  (You can pan, zoom and click again to move the marker)
  • Pick a Highway and Mile Marker  (US 93, Milepost 486)
  • Type an Address or Intersection  (600 S. Walnut St. Boise)
  • Provide an X & Y Coordinate   (43.5,-114.72 or 43 30,114 43.2 or N43 30,W114 43 12)

Add a Confidence Level for your location and optionally any Additional Location Information and you're done!

5.) Click Save Wildlife Collision to submit your observation!

The full details of your observation will appear upon submission.

You may review and download your previous submissions in the sidebar.  For larger exports in a variety of formats from csv to xml use the Export Roadkill Data tool.