GeoTagged Photos Simplify Roadkill Reporting

We've tried to make reporting roadkill as simple as possible, but even still, it took five steps to outline in our post How to Report Roadkill.  Until now.

When 5 Steps is Two Steps Too Many.

Reporting Roadkills with your Photos.

We've just finished a new feature in our Roadkill Reporting, Photo Upload.  The best part isn't even all the pretty pictures of schmeared and desiccated wildlife that met an unfortunate fate attempting to cross our roadways. 

The best part is that if you have a camera phone or GPS-enabled device your photos will automatically record the location and datetime of the observation. 

Combine this with your contact information auto-filling when your logged in and you're down to  entering the Observed Species and pressing Save.  Yes, it's that easy.

Roadkill GeoTagged Photo Report in 3 Steps

To get started visit

1.) Upload Your File

In the right-hand sidebar click Upload File and select the photo to upload.

In modern web browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari or IE9+) you may drag and drop your photos to upload.
Drag and Drop your Photo

After the photo has uploaded you will see a summary of the information extracted from the image.  This may include both the date and location.

If you are already logged in and you are the observer, you may now skip ahead to species details.

2.) What

Enter the Observed Species Details
Start typing a scientific or common name and select from the dropdown list.  For the selected species answer the short list of questions as best as you are able.

Here is an example for the observed elk we uploaded in Step 1.

The location section will already be completed from your photo, so you may enter a precision (likely with 10 meters if using GPS) and you are done!

3.) Press Save Wildlife Collision to submit your Roadkill Observation.


We were able to skip a quite a few steps using our geotagged photo.  For complete instructions detailing every question on the form, view our post How to Report Roadkill.