Exporting, Downloading and Linking to Roadkill Reports

The Export Roadkill Data feature allows you to download or live link to roadkill reports in a variety of format and subsets.

By default, the page will show the 50 most recent roadkill reports statewide.  You can paginate through the reports by using the next, previous, and last links at the top and bottom of the table.  Click details at the start of any individual row to see all the information publicly available (contact details are omitted from public views), a map, and associated files and photos if they have been approved for web publication.

HTML is not the format you are looking for?

You'll notice that there are four icons immediately above the table.  These formats allow you to break the information you are viewing out of the webpage.

CSVCSV - Opens in Microsoft Excel and other Spreadsheet software.  It also easily imports into various databases

KMLKML - Opens in Google Earth, ArcGIS and imports into many GPS Units.  You may download this file for remote viewing, or link to it live to see new roadkills on a map as they are entered.

JSONJSON - Is a format that allows script remote computers to link live to data streams on detached computers.  This format enables robust web "mashups" of roadkill reports.

RSSRSS - Is a syndication format which allows you to keep track of the most recent updates.  You may consume RSS through a news reader, Microsoft Outlook or use third-party services like Feedburner (to get receive daily email digests) or Google Feeds (to embed recent roadkill on your blog or webpage)


Are you only interested in part of this?

Use the filter features to subset the dataset by species, observation date, highway, milepost range, report date.  You may also change how many records are retrieved.  At this time, 1000 records is the maximum download, but we'll be working on caching features soon to enable complete downloads.  All filters are optional.  All formats are available.

Slice, dice, download, embed and link to your heart's content.

Roadkill is our first public demonstration of the new IFWIS Core API that will soon be powering more of our IFWIS Applications. 

We want to make data, open, accessible and easy to use.  Please let us know what works, what doesn't and how we can make this better.