Map Legend

Fire Emergency Closures

Closure Boundaries

Source: Inciweb Text Descriptions digitized by USFS and IDFG. Multiple closures combined into one layer by Idaho Fish and Game as an ArcGIS Map Service.

Active Fire Perimeters

Fire Perimeters

Source: USGS Geosciences and Environmental Change Science Center digitized perimeters for fires currently actively burning. Available as an ArcGIS Map Service.

MODIS Fire Detections

Active in the last 6 hours
Active in the last 12 hours
Active in the last 24 hours
Prior Detections for the current year

Note: Prior detections do not mean active fires.

Source: US Forest Service Real-time MODIS satellite imagery updated every two hours.

Hunt Areas

Hunt Boundaries

Source: IDFG GIS Data Catalog.