Idaho Focal Areas Data

North Idaho Ecological Sections

Idaho encompasses 14 ecological sections. Workshops to delineate focal areas in each of the ecological sections took place from Feb 11 to April 25 in Coeur d'Alene, Moscow, Boise, and Idaho Falls. Below are the workshop materials, the most recent version of focal area boundaries, metadata and a help file for reviewing and editing kmls. Please download and carefully read the metadata!

Workshop Materials
PPTNorth Idaho Presentation (.ppt 3.6MB)Viewer
PPTSoutheast Idaho Presentation (.ppt 3.7MB) Viewer
PPTSouthwest Idaho Presentation (.ppt 3.6MB) Viewer
XLSSGCN prioritization pivot table (.xls)Viewer
pdfSite criteria form (.pdf)Viewer
pdfHow to review and edit kmls (.pdf)Viewer
Focal Areas
zipFocal areas version 101008 (.zip)
(in geodatabase format for ArcGIS)
kmlFocal areas version 101008 (.kml)
(in .kml format for GoogleEarth)

If you have GoogleEarth installed, you can open this file directly. Otherwise, you can save it to your local disk for later viewing. GoogleEarth can be downloaded here for free.

Version History
10/10/2008 Slight boundary modifications on 3 focal areas (Hat Creek, Little Salmon and Rapid River, and Portneauf River) to encompass the only known locations of 3 SGCN
09/19/2008 Additional information on species occurrences incorporated based on the Idaho Dept of Fish and Game, Animal Conservation Database (July 2008)
06/28/2008 Several review comments incorporated including minor adjustments to polygon boundaries and several updates to attributes
05/01/2008 Statewide compiled focal areas available for review