What are focal areas?

Through the workshop process, Idaho conservation partners mapped and attributed focal areas across Idaho. These are general areas known to be important for the species of greatest conservation need identified in the Idaho Comprehensive Wildlife Conservation Stratgey, but by no means are intended to imply that conservation actions should be restricted to these areas. Focal areas were defined as resource-based, management-based, or both:

Resource Focal Area:
A geographical area necessary for the long-term persistence of SGCN and their habitats (in other planning efforts these may be referred to as High Resource Value Areas or Bioloigcally Important Areas).

Management Focal Area:
A general geographical area that targets resources and efforts where they can benefit the largest number of species and habitats in need of conservation. Management focal areas are generally larger and may include species and/or habitats other than SGCN as well as non-biological factors.

The Comprehensive Wildlife Conservation Strategy is designed to be dynamic and updated on a regular basis. We expect the list of species and habitats in greatest conservation need to change as we gather more information about them. This additional information may also result in changes to species distribution maps as well as focal areas. Please check back often for the latest versions of maps.