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Southeast Region

Grays Lake National Wildlife Refuge

Nearest Town: Wayan
Site Size: 18,910 acres

Highlights: Raptors, Shorebirds, Songbirds, Upland Birds, Waterbirds, Waterfowl

Access: Year-round. Access free of charge.

Site Location

Directions: From Soda Springs, ID 34 N for ~27 mi; at mp 92, L (N) at refuge sign; travel 3 mi N to refuge.

Description: Gray’s Lake is the largest hard-stem bulrush marsh in North America. It contains the largest nesting population of Sandhill Cranes in the world. The Franklin’s Gull colony may reach nearly 20,000 nests. White-faced Ibis may be seen. Nesting waterfowl include Trumpeter Swan, Canada Goose, Canvasback, Redhead, Barrow’s Goldeneye, Ruddy Duck, Lesser Scaup, Mallard, Green-winged and Cinnamon Teal, Northern Pintail, Gadwall, Northern Shoveler, and American Wigeon. Raptors include Bald Eagle, Red-tailed and Swainson’s Hawks, Northern Harrier, and American Kestrel. Rough-legged Hawk are common in winter. Respect refuge closures.

More Information:
USFWS (208) 574-2755
Soda Springs Chamber of Commerce (208) 547-4964

Gray's Lake
Photo Copyright Bill Blevins
Franklin's Gulls
Photo Copyright Sasha Keyels
Sandhill Crane
Photo Copyright Tom Munson

General Services:
ParkingNo RestroomsNo PhoneNo BoardwalkNo CampgroundNo Picnic AreaNo Observation AreaNo Visitor CenterNo Interpretive Material AvailableNo Boat RampNo ConcessionsNo Hiking TrailsHuntingNo FishingNo Water SportsNo OHV/ATVs AllowedNo Horseback Riding

Handicapped Services:
No ParkingNo RestroomsNo PhoneNo BoardwalkNo CampgroundNo Picnic AreaNo Observation AreaNo Visitor CenterNo Interpretive MaterialsNo Boat RampNo ConcessionsNo Hiking Trails
What do these icons mean?

grassland Graph illustrating 30% 30%
marshes/lakes/ponds Graph illustrating 70% 70%

Best Observation Times
Bird Species Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec AM/PM
Raptors N N N N Y Y Y Y Y Y N N ALL
Shorebirds N N N Y Y Y Y N N N N N ALL
Songbirds N N N N Y Y Y Y Y N N N ALL
Upland Birds N N N N N N N N N N N N
Waterbirds N N N N Y Y Y Y Y N N N ALL
Waterfowl N N N N Y Y Y Y Y N N N ALL
Target Species for this Site

Select a species from the list to view other sites on the Idaho Birding Trail Sites this species may be observed.

    Bittern, Herons and IbisesBlackbirds and alliesChickadees and TitmouseCorvidsCranesFinches and alliesGeese, Swans and DucksGoatsuckersGrebesGrosbeaks and BuntingsGrouse and TurkeyHawks and EaglesHummingbirdsJaegers and GullsKingfisherKinglets and GnatcatcherLarkNuthatches and CreeperOwlsPigeons and DovesRails and CootsShorebirdsSparrows and alliesStarlingSwallowsTanagersTernsThrushesTyrant FlycatchersVireosWeaver FinchWood WarblersWoodpeckersWrens and Dipper


    R - Resident 1 - Abundant, easily found s - Statewide
    M - Migrant 2 - Common, but sometimes difficult to find e - Southeast
    W - Winter 3 - Uncommon or local w - Southwest
    S - Summer 4 - Rare or very local c - Central
    5 - Casual, 3-10 accepted records p - Panhandle (North)
    6 - Accidental, 1-2 accepted records
    7 - Experimental
    (B) - Documented breeding evidence(End) - Threatened or Endangered
    (b) - Circumstantial breeding evidence(Int.) - Introduced species

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