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A Watchable Wildlife Production

The Idaho Birding Trail was produced by the Watchable Wildlife Program part of Idaho Fish and Game's Nongame Program.

The goal of the Idaho Department of Fish and Game's Nongame Program is to sustain Idaho's fish and wildlife and the habitats upon which they depend, with an emphasis on threatened, endangered, and at-risk species. Efforts are also put into promoting wildlife viewing, photography, education, and other non-consumptive wildlife recreation to increase opportunities for wildlife viewing and instill a greater appreciation for all wildlife. This appreciation and education will in turn help conserve all of Idaho's wildlife.

The Watchable Wildlife Program is a part of Idaho Department of Fish and Game's Nongame Program, and it is a member of the Idaho Watchable Wildlife Committee. The committee is a collaborative group of local, state, and federal agency representatives and conservation organizations that promotes appreciation for wildlife and their habitats, wildlife-based tourism, and responsible wildlife observation ethics for the citizens and wildlife of Idaho.

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