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Birding Ethics


The following birding ethics are summarized from the American Birding Association.

  • Promote the welfare of birds and their environment.
  • Support the protection of important bird habitat.
  • Minimize stress on birds by keeping your distance while viewing, photographing, or filming.
  • Stay back from nests, nesting colonies, and display areas.
  • Stay on designated roads and trails.
  • Respect the law, and the rights of others.
  • Respect private property.
  • Follow the laws that apply to the roads and trails.
  • Practice common courtesy to other birders and non-birders.
  • Keep groups to a small size (4-8 people).

Boy Birding
When birding in groups, each member of the group is responsible for upholding all of the above items.

If you witness unethical birding or wildlife viewing, educate others with respect.

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