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Special Notes (follow hunt link for details)
  ¹ Youth hunting opportunity.
  ² Limited Access.
  ³ Motor Vehicle Restriction in all or part of this hunt.

Pronghorn Seasons

Controlled Hunt Either Sex

Hunt 4031 Area 40-1 Unlimited tags

9/10/17-9/24/17Either-sex Pronghorn AntelopeArchery40-1

Hunt 4032 Area 45-2 50 tags

8/15/17-8/30/17Either-sex Pronghorn AntelopeArchery45-2³

Hunt 4033 Area 45-2 Unlimited tags

9/10/17-9/24/17Either-sex Pronghorn AntelopeArchery45-2³

Hunt 4034 Area 46-1 40 tags

8/15/17-8/30/17Either-sex Pronghorn AntelopeArchery46-1³

Hunt 4034 Area 46-1 Unlimited tags

9/10/17-9/24/17Either-sex Pronghorn AntelopeArchery46-1³

Hunt 4036 Area 54 25 tags

8/15/17-9/15/17Either-sex Pronghorn AntelopeArchery54

Hunt 4038 Area 68 20 tags

8/15/17-8/30/17Either-sex Pronghorn AntelopeArchery68

Hunt 4039 Area 68 75 tags

9/10/17-9/24/17Either-sex Pronghorn AntelopeArchery68

Controlled Hunt Archery

Hunt 4029 Area 21A-1 Unlimited tags

8/15/17-9/15/17Either-sex Pronghorn AntelopeArchery21A-1³

Hunt 4030 Area 40-1 200 tags

8/15/17-8/30/17Either-sex Pronghorn AntelopeArchery40-1

Controlled Hunt Youth Only

Hunt 4048 Area 39 5 tags

8/15/17-9/15/17Either-sex Pronghorn AntelopeArchery39¹

Hunt 4049 Area 39 5 tags

10/25/17-11/30/17Doe or Fawn Pronghorn AntelopeArchery39¹