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IFWIS Core is designed to allow direct access and editing capabilities to the core biological data store behind the Idaho Fish & Wildlife Information System.

The goal of this site is to provide an Application Programming Interface (API) for creating, reading, editing and deleting information in this database in a variety of formats, including html, which allows this site to be viewed in a web browser. Other supported formats (in varying degrees of implementation) include xml, json, csv, kml and inc ("includes" or html fragments). This list may be expanded to meet future requirements of IDFG, collaborating agencies, organizations, corporations and individuals.

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The design principles of this site follow Representational State Transfer (REST) architecture in order to provide scalable, independent components that may be reused by websites and programs both inside and outside of Idaho Fish and Game network. Regardless of where these individuals or machines reside, they still must authenticate against Fish & Game Accounts, a common user and role-based security model.

A request may be made via GET (typed in the browser bar) or POST (form submission). The structure of the requested URL follows a basic pattern in that a each type of data or model has a "controller" that may have an "action" performed on it such as edit, and a particular identifier or "id" may be specified. Additionally, many actions allow a "format" or filetype to be added to the end (e.g. .xml or .html) specifying what content type should be returned. Using this pattern a basic GET request follows this format:

  • https://fishandgame.idaho.gov/ifwis/core/{controller}/{action}/{id}.{format}

Some Examples

Note that these examples are for an observation submitted by an IFWIS Staff member who has chosen to make this observation public for demonstration purposes. Personal information submitted to IFWIS is not publicly shared without permission.

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To learn more about using IFWIS Core in your application please visit the Core API Documentation.

What is IFWIS Core?

  • An Overview
    Goals, design principles and some examples of using IFWIS Core
  • Core API
    Learn about the application programming interface (API) for interacting with our biological records.
  • Data Model
    Review a relationship diagram of how our data is stored.
  • Why Core?
    A plain english explanation of what's going on here.
  • Contact Developer
    Not working like it should? Please let us know.

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