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IFWIS Core API Documentation

Each controller provides one or more actions (list, detail, edit, delete, etc.). Select a controller to learn more.

Simple Objects

Although one may use these simple controllers for data viewing, they are designed primarily for creating, editing and deleting data by other programs built on top of IFWIS Core.

Node is the generic term we use to describe a single discrete piece of information that occurs at a unique place and/or time. It may also hold unique concepts or terms. Examples include: a wildlife observation, a county or a species.
Who may access this node. Privileges are set by Role including Create, Read, Update, Delete, Execute, Publish and Set Permissions.
Nodes may be Versioned depending on settings. All nodes have at least one version. This allows simultaneous editing and editing of published data with approval required.
Versions may or may not require approval of individuals to be published. Some versions origins automatically require approval of certain users. Users with edit or create privileges may also request that other users approve a version before it may be published.
This table tracks any relationship between a version and any nodes to which it is related accomodating building lists, sublists, one-to-one relationships, one-to-many relationships, many-to-many relationships, hierarchical relationships (org charts) and echelonic-non heirarchical shrub relationships (family trees of royalty).
Stores 255 character or less nvarchar data
Stores long text
Stores decimal data
Stores integer data

Complex Objects

All Complex controllers are still under active development. If URLs are available, feel free to browse these experimental controllers. Note that while in development the availability and stability of these controllers are not guaranteed.

Tools for manipulating images, changing coordinate systems and others
Returns a View of a given Schema or Domain.
Returns a Complete Node with the current Version and all related data (often every simple object above combined).

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What is IFWIS Core?

  • An Overview
    Goals, design principles and some examples of using IFWIS Core
  • Core API
    Learn about the application programming interface (API) for interacting with our biological records.
  • Data Model
    Review a relationship diagram of how our data is stored.
  • Why Core?
    A plain english explanation of what's going on here.
  • Contact Developer
    Not working like it should? Please let us know.

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