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About IFWIS Core

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This is the IFWIS Core, a bridge for websites and computer programs to interact with the information stored in the Idaho Fish and Wildlife Information System (IFWIS). IFWIS Core is produced by the Idaho Fish and Game for extensible storage and analysis of biological data in a common spatial and temporal context.

IFWIS Core allows applications inside and outside of the Idaho Fish and Game network to access the Idaho Fish and Wildlife Information System. For example, the code our developers have written to create, edit, and query roadkill reports at fishandgame.idaho.gov/ifwis/roadkill, will run on any webserver. This is by design, and made possible by leveraging a common security model, Fish & Game Accounts, that must be authenticated against regardless of source. This will allow developers outside Fish and Game, to create apps for the web, phones and desktop computers to work directly with the information stored in the Idaho Fish and Wildlife Information System.

As we develop applications and they successfully complete a period of testing on our servers, we will be releasing the source code as IFWIS Apps, so that you too may run the same applications on your website, phone or computer. In turn, we will be following the applications you build, and with your permission, we will be adding your applications to our site for all Idahoans to use. This is your data, your fish and wildlife heritage, and we're opening it up to you to create, remix and reuse.

Let's get excited and make things!
The IFWIS Team

What is IFWIS Core?

  • An Overview
    Goals, design principles and some examples of using IFWIS Core
  • Core API
    Learn about the application programming interface (API) for interacting with our biological records.
  • Data Model
    Review a relationship diagram of how our data is stored.
  • Why Core?
    A plain english explanation of what's going on here.
  • Contact Developer
    Not working like it should? Please let us know.

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