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About Fish & Game Accounts v1.4

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Fish and Game Accounts exists to provide a single identity for individuals on Fish and Game's websites. It was designed to give individuals secure control of what they share and how they share information with Idaho Fish and Game.

Users of Fish and Game Accounts will see immediate benefits:

  1. Common information like contact details will be automatically filled in, removing repetition
  2. Quick shortcuts will appear for commonly used settings and features
  3. Access to download all the information that is shared with IDFG in various formats
  4. Alerts and updates based on interests on a subscription basis
  5. Secure control of the information that is shared
  6. The ability to go back and edit previous posts
The purpose of Fish and Game Accounts is to open access to Idaho Fish and Wildlife information to facilitate secure, efficient sharing between the public, businesses, government and non-governmental organizations.

Apps Using Fish & Game Accounts

Fish & Game Accounts went into production October 5, 2010. This hasn't left much time to build applications on top of Accounts, so presently this is a pretty short list, but check back often. This list be rapidly expanding during the month of October, 2010.

Applications Released or In Development
  • Idaho Fish and Wildlife Information System (IFWIS)
    A comprehensive system for data on fish, wildlife, and plants in Idaho.
  • Observations
    App to record observations of Idaho Fish, Wildlife and Plants
  • IFWIS Core
    Application Programming Interface (API) for accessing and editing the IFWIS biological databases
  • Roadkill
    Report Roadkill and near misses to help improve wildlife migration corridors.
  • Huntplanner and Fishingplanner
    Image upload and other Fish & Game Accounts functionality to be added Summer 2011.
  • Idaho Birding Trail
    Birding site checklist reports to be added Summer 2011.

Questions or Ideas?

Bouquets? Brickbats? Having problems authenticating or making sense of what is going on here? Are you an application developer who is curious how this might work for your application or data? Or do you have ideas how to improve this interface?

Please email us and let us know! We'd love to hear from you.

Brent Thomas, Fish and Game Accounts Lead Developer

Fish & Game Accounts