Statewide Elk Management Direction

10-year Elk Management Objectives have been developed by Idaho Fish and Game staff.
These objectives were crafted based on statewide elk hunter survey results, recent aerial survey results, current elk population status and the potential for herd growth in some areas.
These objectives remain in draft form, awaiting your input.

Here are the DRAFT Statewide Elk Management Objectives:

  • Continue to offer general season elk hunting opportunities by managing elk populations, predator populations, and improving elk habitat;
  • Enhance mature bull hunting opportunity;
  • Aid hunters in aligning hunting areas with their desired hunting experience;
  • Maintain the A/B tag structure, while adjusting it to meet the needs and interests of today's hunters;
  • Implement proactive measures to reduce elk-caused crop and property damage;
  • Improve citizen involvement in elk management decision-making;
  • Reduce┬ádisease impacts on elk and livestock;
  • Increase public knowledge and understanding of elk biology, elk management and elk hunting.