Southeast Proposals for 2013 Big Game Seasons

Southeast Region

White-tailed Deer
- No changes proposed.

Mule Deer
Unit 72 Late Archery – Move this hunt out of the time period when deer are typically concentrated on the winter range in an effort to address concerns about disturbance, travel management, and population objectives.  Provide an earlier season of similar length and include a portion of Unit 76 in hunt, so essentially the same animals are being hunted just in an earlier time period.
- Consider opening general season Any-Weapon deer hunts 5 days earlier on October 5 instead of October 10. No change to closing date. This season change is anticipated to increase hunting opportunity without significantly increasing harvest.

- Diamond Creek Zone – Decrease cow harvest, by eliminating X-tags, to improve productivity and increase population to meet cow objective for zone.  Reallocate the non-resident tag quota (118 of which were not sold to non-residents last year) so more tags are available to residents.
- Bear River Zone – Reduce pressure on bulls to improve bull and adult bull:cow ratios to meet objective for zone.  Eliminate X-tag hunt and reduce the length of the muzzleloader season to reduce the hunting pressure on the elk in this zone.
Big Desert Zone – Increase bull hunter satisfaction by changing the opening date for antlerless hunt to allow 10 days for the antlered only hunt before the antlerless hunt begins.
Snake River Zone – Eliminate the 68AX-tag because hunt is no longer necessary.
Bannock Zone – Eliminate the muzzleloader hunt in Unit 72 to accommodate the proposed change in Unit 72 late archery season deer hunt.

Unit 68 Archery – Address the social concerns associated with overcrowding in an area with limited hunting options.

Black Bear
- No changes proposed.

Mountain Lion
- No changes proposed.

Gray Wolf
- No changes proposed.