2013 Draft Elk Plan

The comment period was August 22 to September 22. Copies of the plan are also available at Fish and Game offices.

The Idaho Department of Fish and Game has been working on a revised version of the Statewide Elk Management Plan. We have involved the public in many ways throughout the planning process. We have produced this draft plan and are now looking for your input on this document. This document is to guide the management of elk for the next 10 years.

This revised elk plan was developed with a broad perspective including that of hunters, landowners, land managers and other interested Idahoans.  It is not designed to set out specific hunting seasons, instead it is designed to establish goals that Fish and Game, working with elk hunters and enthusiasts will achieve over the next ten years.  To accomplish this goal, the plan identifies:

  • Elk population objectives for each of Idaho’s 28 Elk Management Zones
  • Specific factors limiting elk numbers in each management zone
  • Strategies and on-the-ground tactics to address those limiting factors

Please read the draft 2014-2024 Idaho Elk Management Plan and leave us your comments below.  The plan has been broken up into several pdf documents for easier review.  Your comments are very important to us.

Open Letter From Director Virgil Moore.pdf (48 KB)

Table of Contents.pdf (151 KB)

Executive Summary.pdf (Pages 1-7, 131 KB)

Introduction.pdf (Pages 7-15, 140KB)

Elk Management Issues.pdf (Pages 16-56, 1.8 MB)

Statewide Management Direction.pdf (Pages 57-71, 266 KB)

 Elk Zone Management.pdf (Pages 72-143, 3.6 MB)

Financial Plan and Literature Cited.pdf (Pages 144-157, 141 KB)

Appendix A, B and C.pdf (Pages 158-195, 1.8 MB)

2013 Elk Plan Summary Video - Watch Toby Boudreau, IDFG Deer and Elk Program Coordinator, explain the plan in this short video.